Peter J. Burns III: $1,000,000 Unsecured Funding Approved From The "Entrepreneur's Credit Card"​ Start-Up...In 30 Days


A month or so ago, my financier guru friend called me up and said he had access to a brand new financing product specially designed for start-ups and expanding small businesses. He asked me for help, I quickly coined the product under the appellation of the "Entrepreneur's Credit Card" and wrote several blogs right here on Linked In.

Here are the results so far:


Restaurant I--$63k

Restaurant II--$43k

Medical Devices I—$86k

Business/Personal Coach $87k

Accepted But Not Yet Funded

Medical Devices II—$40k

Grant Writing $100k

Inventor 97k

Retirement Community $80k

Machine Shop $50k

Commercial Real Estate Flip $125k

Media/Publishing $40

Chiropractor $60k

Motorcycle Manufacturer $70k

Real Estate Flip $69k

 Based upon this initial month or so long response, without any marketing we have generated over $1 million in approved unsecured small business financing. I am on a marketing conference call right now with my partners and a social media maven outlining a strategy to expand our fledgling funding initiatives.

If you, the reader or any of your contacts would like up to $100,000 in start-up capital, simply follow the link below and you will learn how much you are approved 30 seconds. You will have your cash in 2-3 weeks and will be off and running.

Posted on January 26, 2018 .