Peter J. Burns III: Play To Your Own "GENIUS"


As a "pureblood" entrepreneur, I'm often asked how do I put complicated deals together so quickly when others look at the same line-up of components and facts and don't recognize any discernible pattern, let alone see the opportunity to profit. The simple answer is that I play to my "genius," that is, I do what comes naturally, which happens to be recognizing patterns, putting disparate pieces together and monetizing that effort.

We all have our God-given talents, be it in the creative zone of developing graphically beautiful web sites, figuring out how to organize members of an entrepreneurial team (equivalent to herding cats) or developing tech solutions and financial models for any kind of business. Entrepreneurs, being the "lone wolves" that they often are, sometimes forget the importance of collaborating with a team with complimentary skills sets, often making the effort of moving forward, stronger, quicker and better.

Doing business well is all about how one gets along with other people. If one can respect another's talents and work together to achieve a common goal, both win. When a team of like-minded entrepreneurs learns to successfully delegate responsibilities and creates a system of accountability and measurement towards reaching that common goal, magic happens.

The trick is to not only "play to your own genius," but allow others to do the same.

Recently, the creators of our successful StartUp Now workshops, Jim and Sonia Graham, and I had a meeting to see how we might improve upon what we had started with the workshops. Out of the four sessions to date, there were four new businesses started, which is wonderful. However, only a handful of each of the four groups decided to participate in each new business launch, leaving most of each group on their own.

I offered to use my "genius" of recognizing opportunity in a free 45 minute session with any of the StartUp Now group members that wanted to explore the possibilities of starting their own new business, outside of their group, or perhaps move into one of our eFactory business opportunities. I reasoned that given a focused session one-on-one with the erstwhile entrepreneur, I could recognize that individual's passion and motivations, fashioning an opportunity for them on the spot. At least that's the plan and if members from the upcoming April 30th StartUp Now workshop take me up on it, we'll end up having more than one business started from each workshop from now on.

Here's another tip - not everything works the first time you try it. Practice does make perfect and we learn more from what doesn't work than what does and continue to improve with each lesson learned. Now, I don't know how many members of our upcoming StartUp Now workshops will take me up on my offer to fast track them into self-employment but I'm a big believer in "nothing ventured, nothing gained," so if you happen to be in our April 30th or subsequent StartUp Now workshops and don't want to join the group business effort, take a shot and schedule a talk with me. You never know what can result from one simple conversation and maybe you'll find your own "genius" too.

Posted on September 5, 2014 and filed under Deep Thoughts, Entrepreneurs.