Peter J. Burns III: Life As An Entrepreneur Need Not Be Lonely


I know all about writing countless emails, after doing the due diligence on a project, reaching out to potential team members and financiers and hearing nothing back. I know all about the thankless hours spent brainstorming over $5 lattes at coffee shops with prospective strategic partners and teammates and going back home feeling drained and empty. I know all about sitting at my home office computer or laptop outside on the porch and wondering why I'm the only one that seems to be working on a myriad of projects while everyone else is sleeping, out entertaining or even better yet, on vacation. Vacation(!) what's that like, I continually ask myself???

The path of the individual that forges his own path in entrepreneurship is a daunting one. There are no bi-monthly paychecks, health insurance benefits or car allowances. There are no "paid lunch hours" or sick days or anything else that 99% of working Americans enjoy every day. Now, of course, that has changed drastically over the devastating economic decline over the past several years but let's face it there are still 90% of Americans that are gainfully employed somewhere.

Entrepreneurs have to hire themselves. They have to create the jobs within their own organization that have to provide a product or service and then sell them for more than they had to spend to create them. Then, and only then, can the entrepreneur get paid, often at rates that are less than minimum wage. Why do we go through the brain strain and Herculean effort to do this? Because it's in our blood and as a true blue entrepreneur, one just can't be satisfied doing anything else.

Still, it is lonely out there, often holed up in a home office, away from everyone else as we toil away at bringing a new idea to market or in battles to prevent our fledgling businesses from going extinct. The good news is that there are others out there that are facing the same challenges or have done so and won the good fight. They are your fellow entrepreneurs and "corporate refugees" seeking a piece of the American Dream - business ownership.

Organizations abound for the business owner and entrepreneur. Most are specific to the industry or level of experience and size of the entrepreneur and their enterprise. As the founder of one such organization, Club Entrepreneur (, I can attest firsthand to what a refuge and support network we have been to literally thousands of Phoenix area business owners and entrepreneurs.

Reach out and participate with others with the same dreams and aspirations that you have. Ask them the hard questions and seek out their advice. Offer your own hard-earned knowledge to others that you can help. It's all about "Open Source Entrepreneurship," that is, sharing the three types of capital: Knowledge Capital - where you may know something specific that could help another and share it; Relationship Capital - where you have a contact that can solve another's problem or energize their business; and Capital - where you have a source or alternate financing angle that can save the day for a struggling entrepreneur.

That's what it's all about, my friends. Share the struggles. Share the solutions. Most of all, share yourselves by becoming involved, reaching out and participating with your fellow entrepreneurs. We are all that America has left to correct the terrible position Big Business, Big Banks and Big Government has left us in. Join forces with your fellow entrepreneurs, the founders and backbone of the United States and take America back and right the course. It's your destiny and you need to seize it.

Come join us at Club Entrepreneur and learn what a difference you can all make!

Posted on September 5, 2014 and filed under Deep Thoughts, Entrepreneurs.