Peter J. Burns III: Going Into Debt Over Attending College Is Ridiculous!


The headline of today's Arizona Republic blasts out "Defaults on student loans rising." Reading this thoroughly depressing article, we learn that the average student graduates from college with literally tens of thousands of dollars in debt. while launching themselves into one of the worst economies for job seekers in history.

Apparently Arizona's private for-profit schools have the worst record of all for graduates: the largest student-loan debt as well as the highest default rate. So, not only do these schools cost much more to attend than do community colleges, public universities and private non-profit schools, but a graduate ends up owing more student loan debt and has a much higher default rate. What a great deal. NOT!

In these times of uncertainty and economic plight, with our President urging Americans to go back to school and the need for many of us to "retool" ourselves because our former industries don't exist or aren't hiring anymore, where do you turn?

I believe that Club Entrepreneur, the Arizona-based 3500 member entrepreneurial community has a solution to offer. Through an agreement with our friends at Andrew Jackson University, an accredited for-profit inline university, Club E will offer a tuition waiver to every Arizona resident wishing to go to college. AJU offers 11 degree programs in both undergraduate and graduate programs, including the College of Entrepreneurship, where I serve as the Dean. The programs are taught by excellent professors and are solid academic offerings. Why go into debt for thousands of dollars, when Andrew Jackson and Club Entrepreneur can offer you the same education as the other Arizona-based for-profit online schools for NO TUITION?

There's even better news for all of you considering the switch to AJU with Club E's help. In 2010, with Obama's blessing, the American Opportunity Tax Credit, worth up to $2500, should cover literally every other cost associated with attending AJU.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Reach out to my friend at AJU: Tammy Kassner at who will answer all of your questions about our program.


Club Entrepreneur Offers Zero Tuition College Education for Arizona Residents

21st Century Marketing Techniques, Tax Credit Cover All Costs

TEMPE, Ariz., March 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Arizona residents can now earn a fully accredited college degree at no cost by joining Club Entrepreneur, a free online community for emerging entrepreneurs. Prospective students who sign up are eligible have their tuition waived at Andrew Jackson University (AJU), a nationally accredited online institution with eleven degree programs. Additional enrollment fees, books and materials costs, and other qualified expenses may be fully offset by the recently passed American Opportunity Tax Credit, effectively bringing the net cost of a college education to zero. (see link below)

"Our sponsored tuition program will strengthen Arizona's economic future by unlocking the gates to higher education for thousands of residents who are being shut out by the recent wave of fee increases at colleges and universities throughout the state," remarked Club Entrepreneur founder Peter J. Burns, III.

Club Entrepreneur is the latest addition to AJU's growing list of business and organizational sponsors who want to offer educational opportunities to their employees or members. Interested students must join the sponsor's e-mail list or online network in order to qualify for the tuition waiver. There is no cost to the sponsor or the student to participate.

"Traditional educational institutions find applicants by paying hefty fees to educational websites which collect and sell personal information of interested students," explains AJU President Don Kassner. "We eliminate this costly middle man by partnering with groups that are trying to reach the same population we are," he adds.

Students are under no obligation to maintain a relationship with their sponsoring organization and will continue to have their tuition waived even if they sever ties with their sponsor. "It's really up to the individual sponsor to maintain a good relationship with the student," according to Kassner. Sponsors are prohibited from selling or sharing the personal information of their sponsored students.

Participating students can choose from a variety of Associate, Bachelor and Master degree programs in business, communication, health care administration and other fields. Courses and assignments are administered "anytime anywhere" on AJU's secure, user-friendly online platform. For more information on the sponsored tuition program, visit Club Entrepreneur at and Andrew Jackson university at


Let's get America back on her feet by helping to educate our citizens.

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